Value assignment sheets

Use Value Assignment Sheets to locate the correct target values and ranges for your i-STAT® test cartridge controls and calibration verification materials. You may also access electronic Value Assignment Sheets (eVAS). Content on this page was updated on 01-April-2016.


Find Your Value Assignment Sheet

To find the right Value Assignment Sheet, you must have:

  • CLEW revision (found within the handheld’s Status Page)
  • Control lot number (found on control box)
  • Cartridge type and lot number (found on cartridge pouch or cartridge box)


To locate the correct ranges for your controls: value-assignment-sheet-screenshot.jpg

  1. Select the CLEW revision below that corresponds with the handheld’s current CLEW.
  2. Locate and select the control lot and type below that corresponds with your control lot number.
  3. Locate cartridge type and lot prefix letter WITHIN the value sheet that corresponds with your cartridge.


CLEW A31 Expires June 22, 2016



Download electronic Value Assignment Sheets to streamline and simplify the liquid quality control process.