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Optimizing Urgent Care With the i-STAT® System

Gain Operational Efficiency through Point-of-Care Testing

  • In the Urgent Care setting, the patient experience is paramount. Maintaining operational efficiency is key to extending time and cost savings
  • Faced with a diverse patient population, Urgent Care providers need fast and accurate diagnostic information to achieve operational goals
  • Point-of-care (POC) testing can help your Urgent Care facility meet its commitment to improving the patient experience

Supporting the Distinct Goals of Your Urgent Care Facility


  • Provides the most comprehensive patient-side testing platform available
  • Offers broad clinical utility across a wide range of patients


  • Provides real-time, lab-quality test results at the patient’s side
  • Reduces risk of error and promotes patient safety by eliminating process steps and handoffs


  • Streamlines the blood analysis process to improve operational efficiency
  • Offers simple, intuitive operation with a lightweight, portable handheld device


  • Expedites the availability of diagnostic information in as little as 2 minutes (for most cartridges) to accelerate patient care decision-making
  • Reinforces a patient-centric approach to health care

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