Abbott Point of Care

Value Assignment Sheets

(Updated 15 April 2015)


Before continuing, please have the following available.

  • CLEW revision (found within the handheld’s Status Page)
  • Control lot number (found on control box)
  • Cartridge type and lot number (found on cartridge pouch or cartridge box)

Use the following instructions to locate the correct ranges for your controls.

  • Select the CLEW revision below that corresponds with the handheld’s current CLEW.
  • VAS IntructionsLocate and select the control lot and type below that corresponds with your control lot number.
  • Locate cartridge type and lot prefix letter * WITHIN the value sheet that corresponds with your cartridge.

Select CLEW:

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CLEW A29 expires on June 24, 2015

CLEW A30 software packages are scheduled to ship in mid-May.

Electronic Value Assignment Sheets (eVAS) - Now Available!

Streamline and Simplify the liquid Quality Control process by using the Electronic Value Assignment Sheets.

New AQF available for the i-STAT System

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*Available on certain data management systems.

i-STAT TriControls - Now Available

  • All-in-one control for Blood Gas, Non-Blood Gas, & Hematocrit
  • Use with the new AQF Liquid QC Pass/Fail Determination feature
  • Vials individually barcoded
  • Unique blue dye for improved visibility

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